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17. Juni 2021
In Software
I have been working around the issue of the openscanpi:1880/ui not working correctly for a while now. I use a network mapping tool to find the IP of the Raspberry Pi and connect directly to the IP. I have been using the Open Scanner Mini to take scans and multiple photos of insects. The trouble I have been having is that I need to log in using ethernet to a router and then put the wifi password in whenever I move location. This isn't an issue until I have to work in a location like a conference venue where I don't have physical access to the router. I have resorted to taking my network switch with me when I go to demo my work. Is there a way to make this unit more user friendly and just connect with an Ethernet cable straight to the Raspberry Pi and then connect to the UI through the Ethernet port? Also to somehow fix the openscanpi:1880/ui not working issue. Kind regards,


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