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Minghua Kao
05. Feb. 2020
In Einsteigerfragen + FAQ
When I export the zip file Windows reports not being able to open it. This error: 7-zip can open it but does report a problem with the file ending. It looks like it was broken off. Also, only part of the photographs are found in the ZIP file. In this case it only contains 49 of 200 photographs. Has anybody else encountered this problem? And does anybody know how I can directly access the store of photographs? I'm using the PI version of openscan and have tested this with a raspberry Pi 2 B and 3B. Both on Openscan PI 2020-01-26 and 2020-02-04
Problem with ZIP files - Openscan Pi content media
Minghua Kao
04. Feb. 2020
In Updates
Hello, I just installed the 20.20.4 update of the software for the PI and when I'm using the program I'm getting extra preview screens and buttons. Location of the buttons depends on the magnification. Examples: I don't know if other users are experiencing this too, but jsut to let you know. Best regards, Ming-Hua P.s. thanks for making all this available
Update 20.20.4 - strange camera window content media
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