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M.C. Briers
01. Juli 2022
In Hardware
OK, as per the title, OpenScan works with the 64MP Hawkeye Arducam, IF you are patient. Very patient. It takes about 12-15sec per image (on my Pi 4, with 2GB RAM, anyway). I have tested it only with autofocus, so I can't say anything about manual/focus stacking. I would STRONGLY recommend not doing it yet, the Arducam drivers are still developing, and much of the settings are not available yet. Hardware installation is a breeze, it is a simple swop out of whatever camera you have in there. The SW needs a bit of surgery, which involves: Installing the Hawkeye drivers and side-apps. Adding the Hawkeye to the camera settings files Editing the main python code to contain the Hawkeye command for taking pictures. Editing the Node Red flow to allow the Hawkeye camera. I think this is everything. My first result just came in from the Cloud, and I am quite impressed. I will probably make a slightly larger scanner based on the mini for it, and keep the mini with the Arducam 16MP.
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