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Francisco Lara
10. Okt. 2020
In Hardware
Could it be possible that I did burn my Bluetooth Remote Shutter Control?. I got it install and then I saw a blue light flashing. Even though I did not have the battery inserted. I fliped the cables a few times trying to get it to work. I still cant get it to work and makes me think I did burn it. I still havent inserted the CR2032 3V button cell, but if I remember correctly there was a blue light flashing in the device that its not there anymore.
Francisco Lara
07. Sept. 2019
In Einsteigerfragen + FAQ
I am currently testing a manual system I have cute some experience doing photogrammetry specially with drones. now I want to scann a car part. but I am having really bad results with the edges of the 3d model. I use agisoft metashape for merging the images together. here some images of the result. As you can see the edge defenition its really bad. I will attach here one Image as a example of the photographs I took. I did some paiting for the car part since its really reflective. But I am not getting a good result. The day was really cloudy so lighting conditions were perfect. I am using a "rebel camera canon t6i" I also tried with my phone taking pictures but the result was even worse. any ideas why this is happening?
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