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This set contains all electronic components and the 3d printed parts, which are needed for the construction of the 3D scanner:

- 3d Printed parts

- Raspberry Pi 3B +

- Raspberry Pi Shield

- micro SD 16GB with pre-installed raspbian image (you only need to enter your WLAN access data)

- Raspberry Pi ring light

- Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 with 8 megapixels + 15cm cable + focus tool

- 2x A4988 stepper driver

- 1x Nema17 with 40Ncm (rotor) with 1m cable

- 1x Nema17 with 13Ncm (turntable) with 1m cable

- Power supply 12V / 2A with 1.5m cable and barrel jack 5.5 / 2.1mm

- screws, nuts, small parts

- pre-build polarizer module which can be attached to the ring light to completely avoid reflections on the object.



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