This is the customizable set, where you can freely chose between the following options:


  • Pi-Shield + Ringlight module - solder yourself or pre-soldered
  • Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB including SD Card with pre-installed image
  • Pi Camera v2.1 with 8 Megapixel and 15cm ribbon Cable and focus tool
  • 2x Nema 17 including 1m cable (one motor with 13Ncm and one with 40Ncm)
  • Power Supply 12V/2A
  • Polarizer Module


The small parts (screws, nuts, bolts) are included in every set.

Individual Offer

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Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB incl. SD Card (16GB)
Pi Camera v2.1 (8MP + 15cm Ribbon Cable)
2x Nema (40Ncm + 13Ncm) incl. stepper driver
Power Supply 12V/2A
Polarizer Module

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