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Simplified User Interface for OpenScan & Mini

I have tried my best to create an easy to use interface for the OpenScan Mini. Therefore I have used the existing "Expert Interface" and removed quite some functions, which are not totally necessary for the average user, who wants to use the OpenScan Mini or the normal OpenScan in its standard configuration.

It will be possible to switch between both version by simply clicking one button in the "Update&Info" sub menu (will be added in the next update within the next couple of days). After that, the raspberry pi will download and install the most recent version of the other user interface from github.

Here you can already see the main changes:

(1) Start

  • added some buttons for easier navigation

  • changed the overall color-scheme :)

(2) Scan

  • Removed external, USB and Smartphone Camera,

  • added three predefined programs ("Load Program"), which should serve as a good starting point (minimal, standard, fine)

  • removed the upload settings button

  • removed camera brightness (and fixed the value to 50)

  • removed camera contrast (and fixed the value to 0)

  • changed the overall organisation of the page

  • changed the orientation of the preview ;)

(3) Files

  • Moved the file explorer to its own sub-menu, as I will add some more cloud-functionality soon and therefore need some more space ;)

(4) Settings

  • added the build version (OpenScan or OpenScan mini), which defines the gear ratio of the rotor

  • added the pi camera model dropdown instead of setting the resolution manually

  • removed many parameters, which are not interesting for the average user

  • added Wifi, so you do not need to change the wpa_supplicant.conf anymore. Just connect the Raspberry Pi to your router, access it via "openscanpi:1880/ui" and use this box to configure your Wifi access (make sure to use the right country code)

(5) Update&Info

  • basically the same, BUT there is the "Change to Expert GUI" Button in the bottom, which will download and install the latest version of the Expert GUI. You will be able to easily switch back and forth. (Installation will take 2-5min only and does not need anything but internet connection :)

I am currently still testing the switching mechanism between both modes and the simplified user interface. Hopefully I can release the updated UI till next week :))

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Very good improvements. When will the new image be available for download?


Minghua Kao
Minghua Kao

Looks good and the improvements are interesting. Curious to see if the default settings are enough as I had to compensate for lack of light. Unfortunately I will be away on holidays for the next two weeks so I can't do much testing for now. Anyway, nice work.

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