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OpenScanCloud - Added texture (+ Little Christmas promo)

From now on, the OpenScanCloud will return not only a detailed mesh (.obj), but texture as well. In the standard settings, you will get one or several .png files containing the color information.

In case you are more interested in the textures, there is a second setting, where AO, normal and diffuse maps are created. This setting comes at a cost of a slightly less detailed underlying mesh. If you are interested in testing the latter, please reach out, so that I can set up your reconstruction parameters accordingly.

The matchbox was created from 48 images, that neither Meshroom, VisualSFM nor Colmap were able to reconstruct. (Thanks to /u/zzzimply for the dataset and permission to show it)

Note, that I am not familiar with working with texture maps at all. So I need your help, rating and improving the output!

30 (!) images with the new 16mp Arducam on the OpenScan Mini

Christmas Promo - Free worldwide shipping

As a little gift, I will offer free worldwide shipping on all orders from above 50€ for the next two weeks. Just use the coupon code 2022willbegreat on checkout.


This will probably be the last update for this year. I wish you a Merry Christmas (or similar ;). Stay safe and have a great start into the new year :)

Best regards,


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